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A smart company envolves, progress and contributes to its field, it doesn't put itself as an secondary option but act effectively as one of the main pieces that composes this movement that is the reinvention process.

To be relevant into this market, however, it's not only being smart and creative, but also being efficient. The concretizing strength of ideas is necessary, and that, KSR has more than enough.
It's on that solid base that KSR stands to make the smartness shows and makes the difference.

From a 20 managers reunion scenery to a 3.600 people bleacher plenary. Those are projects that compose the curriculum from our scenography department, made by architects and skilled 3D modelers.

The differentiated team of stagehands, summed by the exceptionally suitable workstations for its ends, make out of paper and transform into reality amazing environments requested by our clients.

Our project Cenografia Verde has won the Product Development and Sustainable Services category, in the Sustainable Provider contest carried out by Banco de Eventos. Click here and check out the project!